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FAQ - How Do I Tie my Corset?

One of our most frequently asked questions is: how do I put on my corset alone? Don't worry, it's totally possible and all it takes is a little bit of practice. Here's our step by step guide to putting on your corset without help.

Step one:

Unlace and unbutton (or unzip or unclip) the corset. Figure out what is the top, bottom, front and back. Our corsets have a handy tag sewn into them indicating the top back of the corset. You would not believe how many upside down backwards corsets I see. If you don’t feel like your corset is fitting correctly,  check to make sure it’s not upside down… or backwards… or inside out.

Step two:

Clip into your corset. Your corset should be able to stay on your body but it should not be overly tight. If your corset is falling off it’s too big. If you can’t clip up your corset at all or it is too tight for you to be able to breath then it is too small.

Step three:

Find a mirror and turn your back to it. We use continuous lace up so it should look like there are 2 loops towards the middle, where your waist is. Put your index and middle fingers through the loops and pull until you reach desired tightness. Blue in the face is too tight.

Step four:

Tie the laces into a bow. Try to avoid tying a knot. As you wear your corset the knot will become tighter and tighter making it really hard to untie when it’s time to take it off. Trust me, corsets are uncomfortable to sleep in. Tie a bow.

And voila, you’re now in your corset and ready to take amazing Instagram photos or make excellent Tik Toks from the safety of your home.  How do you put on your corset? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

PS. if you need a demonstration, come see us at 324 West Hastings Street. We'd love to show you how to do it.