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Venus & Mars Clothing

The VM Lace-up Underbust Corset

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The VM Lace-Up Underbust Corset

Hi there! I’m so happy you decided to stop by. You have excellent taste in corsets! Please review the size chart as Venus & Mars corsets tend to fit larger than mass manufactured ones.

The VM Lace-up Underbust Corset uses 10 pieces of 1 cm spiral steel boning to give you all the support you need while still allowing for flexibility and comfort. They are lined with either a 100% cotton canvas or broad cloth which is a cotton poly bend.

Please be aware that this isn’t a quick corset to throw on. The lace-up in the front takes a minute to do but the added adjustability makes it worth it. We suggest lacing the front first to get the desired amount of skin showing and then tightening the back.

The continuous lace up in the back is designed to make it simple for you to tighten your corset without any help - simply hook your fingers through the loops and pull. Side note, we suggest tying the laces in a bow, not a double knot.

Care instructions: We recommend dry cleaning your corset, however to extend the time between dry cleaning, you can spot clean your corset with a damp rag or steam your corset if you have a steamer. Taking a really hot shower and hanging your corset in your bathroom (not in the shower with you) can also help freshen up your corset. PLEASE DO NOT put your corset in the washer and dryer. I’m not your mom, and I can’t stop you but believe me, it’s a bad idea.

Size Chart:

Length: 10” for the majority of the corset, 11” at the lace-up in the back

XS - Waist (laced): 22" Waist (unlaced): 31"
S - Waist (laced): 26" Waist (unlaced): 34"
M - Waist (laced): 30" Waist (unlaced): 38"
L - Waist (laced) 34” Waist (unlaced): 42”
XL - Waist (laced) 38” Waist (unlaced): 46”

A bit about us:

Venus & Mars is a small business located in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Shop owner and designer, Sanné Lambert, opened the store in 1993 and 30 years later we’re still here and going strong. Venus & Mars items are made in Vancouver and designed with as little fabric waste as possible. We try to source our fabric from other local, small businesses to spread the love with our neighbors and reduce our carbon footprint.