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Tarot Card of the Month - Wheel of Fortune

Hi friends, 

Happy Monday. 2020 is a weird year. When I’m feeling weird, I like to check in by doing a quick Tarot reading so I thought I’d pick a card for the shop for the month of July. I don’t think of reading cards as being a set-in-stone truth but I do find it’s a really fun and useful tool to gauge how I’m feeling. For example, if everything feels out of control and I draw the Tower card, then I use it as a reminder that sometimes you need to make space for new experiences by removing unhelpful beliefs that you have in place. If everything is going great and I draw the Tower card, I might feel defensive about it because everything is going well. If that’s the case then I take a step back and ask myself why I’m feeling that way. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Tarot is a tool that I use for self examination. Drawing a ‘good’ card doesn’t automatically mean good will happen. Drawing a ‘bad’ card doesn’t automatically mean that everything is going to hell. You get to make choices that decide the outcoming of your life. Now that that’s out of the way, let's get to the fun part. 

July’s Card: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is generally depicted as a large wheel. When it is upright, it is a reminder that fortune is always turning. Some days you’re up and some days you're down. Life is constant change so cherish the good times and keep in mind that nothing is forever when you are going through a rough spot. It is also often referred to as the wheel of karma. So treat others the way you want to be treated. When you treat people with kindness you’ll find kindness returned to you. When you treat people poorly, you’ll find a lack of support.

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, it still serves as a reminder that life is constantly changing but it indicates that the change might be for the worst. You can do nothing and accept whatever is coming or you can take responsibility for your actions and try your best to improve the situation. It can also imply that you are resistant to change and it’s time to examine your habits to see which ones are helping you and which ones are hurting you. 

How does that apply to the store? 

At the start of 2020, we were having a great year. We had the best January and February we’ve ever had and we were setting ourselves up to have the best March ever too. And then there was a global pandemic and all non-essential businesses were asked to close to help flatten the curve. We went from the top of the wheel to the bottom.

We brainstormed and opened ourselves up to changes that we were not open to before. The first change was offering free shipping for Canadian orders. Shipping can be expensive but our only option was to sell online so we took the leap. The next change was making face masks. People had been asking for them for Burning Man but we were so sold out of stuff all the time that we didn’t have the opportunity to develop them until we were forced to be closed. Both changes resulted in sales. Sales meant that we could pay the rent and stay in business. Since then, every step we are taking is making the wheel turn a little more in our favour. We’re not back on top yet but we’re slowly moving up.

What does that apply to you?

Here are some thing the Wheel of Fortune card is asking you to keep in mind:

  1. Everything is temporary. 
  2. Enjoy and hold on to good moments in your life.
  3. If you’re faced with a difficult situation, be open to change and new ideas.
  4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  5. Wear a mask and keep 2 meters apart when you have to go into public spaces.

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