Holiday Gift Guide for the Vampire in your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for the Vampire in your Life

Hi Friends,

This is your friendly reminder that Christmas is only ten sleeps away. Do not panic, we’re here to help. This week, we’re focusing on shopping for the vampire (aka the Goth) in your life. We can debate the existence of vampires all you want but regardless you probably have a person in your life who avoids sunlight, wears dark colours, has an affinity for all things spooky, and wears a lot of black lipstick and nail polish. This is the gift guide for that person.  

The VM Classic Underbust Corset ($165)

Let’s get one thing straight, corsets are for all genders. Our classic underbust corset is cut in a way that is flattering on hes, shes, theys and zes. When paired with more traditionally feminine clothing like a skirt or a peasant blouse, it looks more feminine. But, when paired with more traditionally masculine clothing like a poet shirt or a fishnet top then it looks more masculine. And, when you pair it with something traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine then you become a non-binary fashion icon. However you wear it, the underbust corset is a staple in any vampire’s closet.

The VM Sheer Tunic ($69)

It is essential for vampires to have something sheer and sexy to lay around in while they contemplate unrequited love or mortality or whatever. The VM Sheer Tunic is perfect for that. In addition to being excellent contemplation and lounge wear, the tunic looks great over leggings and a top or a dress or even a bathing suit. Bonus, it’s a free size so it will very likely fit your vampire.

Face Mask ($25)

I know that the vaccine is here but experts are still recommending wearing a mask and will likely continue to recommend wearing one for the next few months. A lot of masks are ugly and totally don’t go with your vampire’s aesthetic. Well, fear not, we have super cute goth masks. Whether it’s the black fishnet, black velvet, black lace, or black striped mask, it will enhance your vampire's outfit rather than detract from it. We also donate a mask to health care workers for every mask we sell so you’re double gifting when you give a mask. 

Honourable Mentions

As a lot of people are trying to shop and support local, we wanted to focus on our handmade products rather than our imported products. But your vampire may also like fangs ($45), contacts ($39-$49), or fishnets ($9 - $18). 

Stay safe, be fabulous.