Holiday Gift Guide for the Nerd in your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for the Nerd in your Life

Hi Friends,

Arg! It’s December! When did that happen? Christmas is 20 sleeps away. Excuse me while I panic. Okay, deep breaths, we’re here to help. Chances are that you have someone on your list who loves cosplay, D&D, LARPing or fantasy in general aka your personal support nerd. You either know exactly what to get that person or you have absolutely no clue. Fear not, clueless crew, this week’s gift guide is for you. We have some unisex gift suggestions for you at different price points to help you shop for the nerd in your life.

A Cloak ($85 - $259)

Everyone loves a good cloak and almost no one has one. You would not believe how many times I’ve heard people in the shop sigh and wish that they could wear a cloak everyday. Cloaks are just one of those items that everyone wants and almost no one has. We have short, long, unlined, and lined cloaks available in a variety of colours. A cloak is a gift that is sure to put a smile on your nerd’s face and warm their heart.

Faux Fur Epaulets ($85)

Hear me out, the heart of a Viking beats in your nerd’s chest and nothing will make them feel more like a warrior straight out of Game of Thrones than a pair of faux fur epaulets. You can wear them casually with jeans and a t-shirt or more fantastically with a gown or chainmail. Either way faux fur epaulets  will bring out the dwarf in your nerd which can only lead to good things… or tavern brawls… but either way, it’ll be entertaining.

Pocket Belt ($49 - $85)

Chances are your nerd has either been to or wants to go to a convention. I know that the pandemic cancelled all the con this year (with good reason) but when they start up again your nerd will want to be ready. Nothing ruins a good cosplay quicker than a modern backpack or purse. When you spend hours, days, weeks, months or even years working on a look then you do not want everything to come undone because of a tote bag. Pocket belts are a great solution. You can keep your wallet, phone, keys and snacks on you in a discreet way that let you show off your look. 

Honourable Mentions

I wanted to mostly focus on our handmade items but I do have some cool imported ideas as well. Wands ($25), mechanical pocket watches ($69), and goggles ($39 - $49) are also great options. I hope we could help give you some good ideas for the nerd in your life. Stay safe and be fabulous!