Christmas at Burning Man -  A Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas at Burning Man - A Holiday Gift Guide

Hi Friends,

2020 has been a tough year and if you’re anything like me, then you might feel like time has lost all meaning. Well, this your reminder that we are upon the holiday season. Don’t stress, we’re here to help you. We’re going to be sending out weekly Gift Guides to help you shop for the weirdos in your life. We’ll be giving you options at different price points and you can feel good about supporting a small, local business. This week we’re focusing on gift ideas for the Burner in your life.

Holster - $149

We have a couple of different styles of holsters available but I wanted to highlight our cell phone holster.  First of all the cell phone holster gives you pockets to hold the essentials (like your phone, sunscreen and wallet) if/ when you’re mostly naked, dancing in the desert. Unlike a vest, the back is made up of straps so you can feel the breeze and keep from overheating. It also looks pretty bad ass. It’s a little bit military and a little bit steampunk and a lot of awesome. It looks great with sparkly booty shorts but it also works great with jeans and a t-shirt so you can wear it all year.

Steampunk Pocket Belt with Thigh Holster $79 - $125

Pockets! Anyone who has worn clothes designed for women understands how limiting a lack of pockets can be. If I have no pockets then where do I keep my snacks? The steampunk pocket belt with thigh holster is the solution. There is a large pocket (big enough to hold an e-reader) and a smaller pocket (big enough to hold most phones) on the front and a large zipper pocket (perfect for a passport) on the back. All three pockets are excellent for holding treats. The thigh holster keeps it secure and close to your body in case you need to run around or do cart wheels. It’s great for festivals or for a trip to the grocery store.

Face Mask - $25

The desert gets dusty and experienced Burners know that it’s important to cover your nose and mouth. Our face masks are perfect for that! Plus with this whole pandemic thing going on, it’s becoming increasingly important to wear a mask when you’re out and about to help stop the spread of COVID. Our face masks are handmade right here in Vancouver. They’re made in fabric that we use for other garments so if you’re feeling matchy matchy, you can coordinate your mask with your booty shorts, leggings, festival tops, bandeaus and/or gloves! We also donate a mask to health care workers for every mask we sell so when you give a loved one a mask, you’re also giving a nurse a mask too!

Honourable Mentions 

I hope this guide helped to give you some ideas for the burner or festival goer in your life. I wanted to focus on our handmade items but goggles ($39 - $59), hosiery ($9 - $25), and boots ($169 - $250) also make great gifts for burners. When in doubt, a gift card is a great option too!