Sale - Boots and Shoes

This pandemic has given us the opportunity to re-assess the business, our goals, and our brand. Alternative clothing designed and handmade in Vancouver has always been at the core of Venus & Mars. Everything with the Venus & Mars label is designed by the owner and made by her and the staff, most but not all. We want to transition to exclusively carrying locally handmade clothing. You may be wondering why. There are lots of reasons:

  • First, we can control what we make. We know what the quality will be. We know how the garment will look and fit.
  • Second, we have control over when we can have it in the store or more control. We can’t control what our suppliers have in stock or when they will ship it. If we make it, we know how quickly we can have it in the store.
  • Third, the fact that we make the clothing makes us special. It’s kind of nice to know exactly where your clothing comes from and it’s even nicer than you can say hi to the lady who designed it.